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Magical. The word to describe Deb's work. Her anatomical and intuitive knowledge is so apparent. Physical and emotional release occurs during our sessions. Beyond grateful for such a powerful healer!



I had the best sleep I have had in years!  My first thought when I laid down to sleep was "my jaw doesn't hurt", then it was "I don't hurt anywhere. Thank you!"



OH MY!!!!!! Deborah gave me a massage that I will never forget!  She gave me a Craniosacral massage, it's a light touch massage and it was amazing!  It is hard for me to get into a relaxed state and Deborah got me there!  The energy was amazing I felt it the whole entire time I was snoring :)  Deborah can do a much better job of explaining the session but I will say it took my back pain away and I slept like a baby and have since!  <3 <3 <3

Lisa C


Deborah is a talented, compassionate, divinely inspired therapist. I specifically went to see her for a CST session. I was so happy I made the decision to see Deborah. I felt wonderful and slept so soundly for the first time in months. Thank you, my dear friend and colleague for an incredible session. I will be back!



"Deborah makes you feel relaxed the moment you walk into the room. As she talks to you and prepares for your massage, you can be assured she really has an interest in not only what’s going on with your body, but in who you are. You will find yourself feeling comfortably assured that you will be receiving a wonderful massage experience. I have had many massages over the past 22 years from many different therapists, as I enjoy a massage whenever I travel and I find that Deborah has a tremendous talent for massage therapy!"



"Deborah has been my massage therapist for over three years now and I am so very grateful to have connected with her!

Deb maintains impeccable professionality while fostering relationship, honoring her client's specific and fluctuating needs and continuing to draw upon her ever- expanding base of knowledge and skills. I greatly appreciate Deb's ability to help me more deeply understand what is going on with my body in languaging that is, at the same time, both medically accurate and layman friendly.

I would not hesitate to recommend Deborah Peter to anyone seeking a highly competent, friendly and talented massage therapist. She is a treasure!"

Jeanne T., yoga instructor

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