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Utilizing Craniosacral Therapy to help people have better health, more joy and live more fully with harmony in body, mind and spirit.

About The Practitioner

About Deborah Peter, LMT

During my initial career as an accountant and CPA I utilized massage therapy to manage my stress and maintain my health.  I have always been interested in the human body, anatomy and health and was very impressed by one of my massage therapists.  In 2003 I was given the opportunity to follow the dream. I received my 1,000+ hour training program from the Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado.  In 2009 I was introduced to Craniosacral Therapy.  It was so different from anything I’d ever experienced.  I was intrigued enough to continue exploring and by 2010 I was hooked.  The veil was lifted and I was simply amazed and moved by the work.  Doing and receiving bodywork opened and expanded my world.  It made me realize how amazing this body is that we've been given.  It continues to amaze me every day when I am reminded how the body, mind and spirit are interconnected.   

There are many reasons why I use Craniosacral Therapy to treat my clients.  One of the greatest reasons is because I have greatly benefited from CST myself.  Craniosacral therapy has released years of tension, stress, anxiety and emotions built up and stored in my body.  I had no idea it was all there and how it was restricting both my body and my ability to live a fuller and more joyous life.  I’ve always been a happy person but now my happiness is deeper and clearer.  I have a new way of seeing the world and am now able to tap into my resiliency, my inner guidance and my purpose.  I am more in charge of my life, rowing the boat and guiding my life rather than reacting to the ideas, desires, whims, and direction of others.  My body is more at ease, my mind clearer and my spirit more able to express itself.  In addition, it has helped me recover from injuries received while working as a massage therapist and from an auto accident.

Our bodies are amazing at compensating and adapting to situations, stresses, traumas and injuries we experience by living our life.  Layers and patterns of restrictions result from this compensating and adapting.  Whether the restrictions are physical, mental, emotional or a combination, Craniosacral therapy is a great tool to release the layers of restrictions inhibiting a person’s full self from showing up and participating in life and all of its adventures.  I love using this work to help people have better health, more joy and live more fully and authentically.  Imagine what is possible for you and your life! 

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