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Benefits Of Craniosacral Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle and often deeply relaxing form of hands-on therapy that works with the central nervous system (CNS).  This includes the membrane surrounding the brain and the spinal column along with the cerebrospinal fluid within the membrane.  By paying attention to the craniosacral rhythm, restrictions and areas of abnormal tension are located and released. This release supports your body’s innate ability to heal the effects of stress, injury and trauma.  By working very lightly the therapist stays below the threshold at which the guarding response occurs and can facilitate a more permanent change.

CST is effective for chronic pain, pain for which a source cannot be identified, for trauma or anything that has “shocked” a person’s physical, mental or emotional body.  It is a good therapy for:


Anxiety / Depression

Any blows to the face or head


Overworked, tight, strained or sprained muscles

Emotional Shock/Stress (Divorce, Grief, PTSD, Trauma)

Chronic pain


Sinus problems                                                    

TMJ syndrome or dysfunction

Emotions and mood changes

Disorders of the immune system     

Disorders of the Central Nervous System

Pre & post-surgical – preparation and recovery

Symptoms with an unidentified cause

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